Below are a few of the Frequently Asked Question.  If you have a question that isn't answered here, please feel free to contact us!
  • What do I need to bring with me to Baysports?  
    A towel, swimwear, a wetsuit if you have one (rental is included in the price) and some socks are needed for the main & junior waterpark.  If you are planning on using our other facilities such as kayaks etc, you will need a pair of shoes that you don't mind getting wet.

  • Do I have to be able to swim? 
    No, but you must feel comfortable in approximately 2 meters of water.  Younger members can use the junior park to build up a bit of confidence.  Please ask our staff for assistance.  

  • How long is our time on the waterpark? 
    You get an full hour on the waterpark. We allow guests on in 15-minute intervals.

  • What time do I arrive if I have booked online? 
    You should please try to arrive at the reception at the time stated for the slot you booked.   The time spent in total is about 2 hours from arrival to departure for waterpark users, 3 hours for Baysilver and 4 hours for Baygold ticket holders.  This includes changing, boating activities, the safety briefing, 1 full hour on the waterpark, showers, changing and leaving.
  • Are the wetsuits  / buoyancy aids / wristbands really compulsory?
    100% Yes!  The wetsuits increase the time you can spend in the water.  Buoyancy aids are given to all participants of the park when they are on the water.  Your wristband is your participant ticket to the activity you are doing.

  • I have my own wetsuit / "shortie", may I use it? 
    Yes. and you get a @ €3 discount.! ​

  • Are there any changing rooms? 
    Yes. We have changing rooms, shower and toilet facilities on site.

  • Must children be accompanied by an adult? 
    Children aged 6 to 10 years (inclusive) must be accompanied by an adult, or someone who is at least 16 years of age.  Please note, all guests who have any kind of disability or learning difficulties may also require an adult to accompany them. Please contact us for more details.
    Ideally we recommend that an adult be responsible for no more than 3 children. 

  • How would I know if the waterpark is closed? 
    We place an ADVISORY NOTICE on Facebook, as well as our home page as soon as we know it is necessary to close part or all of the Waterpark.  Please phone ahead if you have any doubts. ​

  • Can I watch from the shore? Do I have to pay admission if I’m not taking part? 
    We have a large seating area for Guests and their guardians.  You do not need to pay if you are not taking part in an activity.

  • What is the minimum age allowed on the waterpark? 
    The minimum age on the main waterpark is 6 years of age. 

  • Is there anything for under 6’s to do?
    We have a mini waterpark near the shore which children from 4 years can use, provided they are accompanied by an adult to a ratio of 1:1

  • Can I wear jewellery / glasses onto the waterpark? 
    No.  Please remove all studs, earrings and rings.  Glasses may be worn, but please secure them with a band / string.  We cannot accept any responsibility for losses or damage to any private property, and anything dropped in the water may well be lost to the elements. ​

  • Can I take a waterproof camera onto the waterpark? 
    Yes.  However, if you take a camera onto the waterpark, it is at your own risk.  We accept no responsibility for any lost or damaged equipment.

  • Is the waterpark suitable for adults? 
    Yes.  Some parts of the waterpark are more suitable for children and other parts are more suitable for adults but everyone will have fun.

  • How do I get out to the waterpark?  
    The waterpark is approximately 150 meters from shore and it is shallow enough to walk out for most people.

  • Can I stay on the waterpark for longer than an hour? 
    Admission is for an hour only. An hour on the waterpark is quite challenging and tiring, however, if you wish to do a second hour you must come off and rest for at least 30 minutes and then check in for your new admission. 

  • Can I leave before my hour is up? 
    Yes, but you must inform the lifeguard and duty and you may not be able to return to the waterpark once you have left. ​

  • Where can I store my possessions?  
    We have a supervised cloak room service, which you can avail of when checking in.  The cost is €1 per person.

  • Can I bring my own food and drink? 
    Yes.  Please respect the environment and leave our facilities as you found them.  We have several bins placed in public areas.

  • Do you have shop/café?  
    Yes, we have a small tuck shop.  Teas, coffee, souvenirs and snacks are available.  Please note we do not provide any "hot meals"

  • Are there any facilities for a BBQ or a picnic area? 
    Yes, we have ample picnic tables both outdoors and under cover.  If you wish to have a BBQ, you can bring along your own disposable BBQ and use it in our designated BBQ area.

  • Is the site mobility impaired friendly?
    YES.  We have disabled toilets on-site, and guide / assistance dogs are welcome.  We welcome guests of all abilities, and if you require specific information, please feel free to contact us.

  • Is there a car park onsite?  
    There is a free public car park 100m beyond our entrance.

  • Does the weather impact on the waterpark? 
    For safety reasons winds and electrical storms occasionally cause us to close part or all of the waterpark. Slides may also be closed for maintainence from time to time.
    Our Facebook page ( and our homepage list any weather warnings we may have for the day.

  • What are your opening times?
    Until June 27th 2019:   Mon - Fri 4.00pm - 6.00pm & 10.00am till 6.00pm every Saturday, Sunday and Bankholiday (last admissions: 5pm)
    From June 28th to September 2019: Everyday 10.00am till 6.00pm (last admissions: 5pm)

  • How can we find you? 
    You can go to our directions page, but here is a quick overview.  From the M6, take exit 12. Turn left onto N61.Travel 3.7km and turn right towards Hodson Bay. We are just beyond the Hodson Bay Hotel, on the right-hand side. From Roscommon, take the next left after Kiltoom village towards Hodson Bay. We are just beyond the Hodson Bay Hotel, on the right-hand side.