Baysports is accredited with the Irish Sailing Association and its team is constantly training!

Baysports operates within strict guidelines with regards to safety and risk management on the park.

The ability to swim is not required. We treat all guests as though they can't swim, and the water surrounding the waterpark is roughly 5 - 7ft deep.

Children from 6 - 10 must be accompanied by an adult / guardian for all activities.

Guests must wear wetsuits, (which we hire for €3 a day) buoyancy aids (provided) and the entry wrist band (provided).

Guests must also wear cotton socks to reduce the risk of slipping on the inflatable. (Socks are provided if you forget!)

Shoes and water boots are not permitted on the park, but you will need them for kayaking, SUP's etc.

Before your hour even starts on the park, ALL participants are required to take part in a 8 minute safety briefing.

Baysports is committed to providing a safe environment and safe circumstances for all persons, where they can enjoy the educational, recreational and fun experiences of the facilities.​